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investing Rowlett Texas cCall us today for a free, no obligation consultation: 972-463-3833, or fill out the form below.

• We work with investors like you every day.
Based on your individual investment needs, we can help you to understand and choose the best products to assist you in reaching your goals. We understand that you have many responsibilities that require your attention on a daily basis. We can make managing your investments a little easier for you, and we’re dedicated to providing you with top notch service with a personal touch.

• Accuracy and attention to detail are imperative
It’s your money. And you can place your confidence in the fact that we’re here for you. You’ll always find someone available to answer your questions, discuss the latest news, or just be a friendly voice.

Our independence allows us to provide you with the best options available for your specific needs.
We build relationships. Not only with our clients, but with the companies that provide some of the investment products that we offer. And while we’re proud to have longstanding relationships with our partners, that doesn’t mean that we’re not continually exploring new options and products. Our exceptional resources add value to your experience, and we strive to to ensure that we’re providing you with only the very best providers and products in the business.

• Investing and individual financial situations are very personal matters
Everyone has different goals, risk tolerances, and histories. Sound investment advice involves knowing and understanding the “big picture”. Our local financial consultants will provide you with personalized and confidential guidance, education and support. We’ll equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to make wise investment decisions, whatever path you choose.

Protect yourself. Call us today for a free consultation. Together we can explore some potentially new ways for you to reach your financial goals, by investing in products that may offer higher returns, but with less risk than you might think. While there’s risk in just about any investment, as a part of a long-term investment strategy, alternative investments may provide a way to obtain diversification within an investment portfolio. Typically used as a “hedge”, they can also be very speculative, and their strategies may include the use of derivatives such as futures contracts, forward contracts, options and swaps. Many also impose short-term redemption fees and involve additional investment risks, including liquidity risk. Liquidity risk is defined as the lack of marketability of a security resulting in the inability to buy or sell quickly to prevent or minimize a loss. There’s also the potential for complete loss of principal, the amount possibly even exceeding the original amount invested. Each investment is different, and it’s imperative that you request and read any and all information available for each product, including but not limited to offering documents and prospectus’ as applicable, for each product. And if you find you don’t understand some or all of what you’re reading, please ask us! Even though asset allocation and diversification may lessen overall risk, diversified asset allocation strategies do not guarantee a profit or eliminate the risk of loss.

Whether you’re an accredited investor, or are just starting out, securing your financial future should be a top priority. Let’s work together. Let’s be sure you’re properly positioned for a potential market correction. Don’t wait for another ’08.

Investments involve a high degree of risk, may be considered speculative, and may result in the entire loss of the amount invested. Investments incur substantial fees and expenses which are borne by the investor.

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